Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sharing dance in Madagascar

My first week in Antananarivo in Madagscar is full of creativity and emotion...
I'm teaching young dancers from the island and a few from the African continent and it's a very warm hearted group. We dive into body consciousness together and then, progressively, into high energy mouvement behaviour...There follows an improvisation course and they make me dream away!
The workshop was organized by the Cultural Center Albert Camus and the CCNT.
Bernardo Montet will join me to finish the workshop together but also to dance his solo "Batracien, l'après-midi"!
Of course there are also "negative" emotions when seeing the poverty in the city...Apparently there are 25000 homeless here... :-(
How much energy and food do we spend, and on what?
Living conscioussly becomes more & more urgent, but I also keep receiving good news!
The world is changing! Keep creating your utopias!

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