Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Delirium Tremens in Greece!

Delirium Tremens (demo version / with greek subtitles ) from Dimitrios Tsiapkinis on Vimeo.

Delirium Tremens will be presented on June 4&5 at the Sofouli Theatre in Thessaloniki/Greece, and on June 9-12 at the Roes Theatre in Athens, during the dance festival of the Greek Choreographer's Association.

The premiere of Delirium Tremens was on April 23d, 2010 at the National Choreographic Center of Tours, in France.

Conception, performance : Dimitri Tsiapkinis
Video creation : Maud Martin
Costumes : Rose-Marie Melka
Lighting design : Jean-Philippe Filleul
Production & Communication : Art Minds
Co-Production : National Choreographic Center of Tours
Subsidy : Greek Ministry of Culture

Delirium Tremens is a quest for a new optimism in response to the anxieties of a troubled new century. With humor and gestural poetry, this solo questions individualism and narcissism by using clichés from the movie industry.
« Cultural exoticism, Hollywood images, and the incoherence that seems to govern our actions, dreams and thoughts, become here raw material. Letting ourselves be touched by who we are without judgment (?) and share what resonates inside with others. In this solo one can see video images on TV, cinema characters realizing tests of madness, explosive energy, semi-improvised monologues, and sensitive dances.» [D. T.]
The images on the TV monitors are the only elements of the stage design. A mix of intimate scenes and the omnipresent mass media.

Dimitrios Tsiapkinis received a grant from the Greek ministry of Culture for the production of Delirium Tremens, with his newly established company The Lotus Fracture.

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lilasvb said...

très beau, je comprends la photo " mauve rosée"