Tuesday, May 06, 2008

SAVE the Greek landscape!

The Greek government is trying to pass a Spatial Plan for Tourism, under which big real estate projects throughout the country, will be subsided by state funding. Already, hedge funds are buying big pieces of land especially in virgin Aegean islands in order to make use of this Spatial Plan regulations. Greece is facing the threat of repeating the spanish epxerience. We fear that if this Spatial Plan is signed the Aegean islands will be savagly urbanised sucrificing their landscape, biodiversity and cultural heritage.
Please help us block this Spatial Plan for Tourism by signing the petition: http://www.diktioaigaiou.gr/contents/chorotaxiko_eng.php?lang=2

Thank you in advance!
Kriton Arsenis
Regional Planner- Economist MA Harvard
Head of Environmental Policy and the Aegean
ELLINIKI ETAIRIASociety for the Environment and the Heritage of Greece
28 Tripodon st., 10558, Plaka, AthensTel: ++30 210 3225245 (9)Fax: ++30 210 3225240E-mail:

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